Our mission at 12 Tone Music Publishing is to help bass
players become musicians by presenting simple and efficient
methods of learning music on the bass. Our goal is to help you
feel comfortable with your instrument, never overwhelmed or
confused. We believe that by starting at the beginning you will
never “slow down”, reach a plateau - or worse yet - stop and quit!
Nothing could make us feel better than to know that BEM Jam®
has helped you play better, and that 12 Tone Music Publishing has
provided you with the mind tool that enabled you to become the
musician that you have always wanted to be.
We thank you for your continued support - be sure to keep in
touch and let us know how you are progressing... and 'til next time, play and have fun...we'll be listening!

01. Welcome
02. Tuning
03. Ann’s Anthem 84 bpm, BEM page 53
04. Ann’s Anthem 42 bpm
05. Beautiful Bernadette 100 bpm, BEM p.89
06. Beautiful Bernadette 50 bpm
07. Belmont Daze 110 bpm, BEM p.97
08. Belmont Daze 55 bpm
09. Bit Bop 60 bpm, BEM p.100
10. Bit Bop 30 bpm
11. Bucks and Bows 90 bpm, BEM p.104
12. Bucks and Bows 45 bpm
13. Clickstream 64 bpm, BEM p.108
14. Clickstream 32 bpm
15. Digital Dreams 86 bpm, BEM p.112
16. Digital Dreams 43 bpm
17. Dollar Scholar 100 bpm, BEM p.118
18. Dollar Scholar 50 bpm
19. Do-Re-Midori 100 bpm, BEM p.124
20. Do-Re-Midori 50 bpm
21. Dr. Hip Know 94 bpm, BEM p.128
22. Dr. Hip Know 47 bpm
23. Fishook and Horn 64 bpm, BEM p.132
24. Fishook and Horn 32 bpm

BEM Jam® audio disc 1 is composed, arranged, programmed,
recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Mike Overly.
BEM Jam® audio disc 1 was sequenced on a Yamaha QY-20 and
recorded on a Tascam 788 at OverMoto Studios, Dayton, OH.
All music published by 12 Tone Music Publishing, LLC.

© 2005 by Mike Overly * All rights reserved *
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